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Fibroblast Growth Medium

Fibroblast Growth Medium

Catalog Number: MD-0011
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Name Description Catalog number
Mouse Dermal Fibroblasts - neonatal (MDFB-n) 10MU-010
Human Dermal Fibroblasts-adult (HDF-a) 10HU-014
Human Dermal Fibroblasts-neonatal (HDF-n) 10HU-013
Human Adrenal Fibroblasts (HAdF) 10HU-119
Human Aortic Adventitial Fibroblasts (HAAF) 10HU-120
Human Brain Vascular Adventitial Fibroblasts (HBVAF) 10HU-121
Human Bladder Stromal Fibroblasts (HBlSF) 10HU-122
Human Bronchial Fibroblasts (HBF) 10HU-123
Human Cardiac Fibroblasts (HCF) 10HU-124
Human Cardiac Fibroblasts-adult (HCF-a) 10HU-125
Human Cardiac Fibroblasts-adult atrial (HCF-aa) 10HU-126
Human Cardiac Fibroblasts-adult ventricular (HCF-av) 10HU-127
Human Cardiac Fibroblasts-fetal atrial (HCF-fa) 10HU-128
Human Choroid Plexus Fibroblasts (HCPF) 10HU-129
Human Conjunctival Fibroblasts (HConF) 10HU-130
Human Dermal Fibroblasts-fetal (HDF-f) 10HU-131
Human Esophageal Fibroblasts (HEF) 10HU-132
Human Fibroblast-Like Synoviocytes (HFLS) 10HU-133
Human Gallbladder Fibroblasts (HGBF) 10HU-134
Human Gingival Fibroblasts (HGiF) 10HU-135
Human Intestinal Fibroblasts (HIF) 10HU-136
Human Lymphatic Fibroblasts (HLF) 10HU-137
Human Mammary Fibroblasts (HMF) 10HU-138
Human Ocular Choroid Fibroblasts (HOCF) 10HU-139
Human Ovarian Fibroblasts (HOF) 10HU-140
Human Pericardial Fibroblasts (HPcF) 10HU-141
Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts (HPLF) 10HU-142
Human Prostate Fibroblasts (HPrF) 10HU-143
Human Pulmonary Artery Adventitial Fibroblasts (HPAAF) 10HU-144
Human Pulmonary Fibroblasts-adult (HPF-a) 10HU-146
Human Rectal Fibroblasts (HRF) 10HU-147
Human Seminal Vesicle Fibroblasts (HSVF) 10HU-148
Human Sertoli Cells (HSerC) 10HU-149
Human Spleen Fibroblasts (HSF) 10HU-150
Human Thymus Fibroblasts (HTyF) 10HU-151
Human Thyroid Fibroblasts (HThF) 10HU-152
Human Tonsil Fibroblasts (HTF) 10HU-153
Human Uterine Fibroblasts (HUF) 10HU-154
Human Villous Mesenchymal Fibroblasts (HVMF) 10HU-155
Human Keratocytes (HK) 10HU-163
Human Perineurial Cells (HPnC) 10HU-187
Mouse Dermal Fibroblasts - (MDFB-a) 10MU-019
Mouse Cardiac Fibroblasts (MCF) 10MU-015
Mouse Lymphatic Fibroblasts (MLF) 10MU-023
Mouse Perineurial Fibroblasts (MPNF) 10MU-025
Mouse Pulmonary Fibroblasts (MPF) 10MU-026
Mouse Salivary Gland Fibroblasts (MSGF) 10MU-028
Bovine Dermal Fibroblasts (BDF) 10BO-009
Rat Cardiac Fibroblasts (RCF) 10RA-012
Rat Dermal Fibroblasts-Adult (RDF-a) 10RA-013
Rat Dermal Fibroblasts-Neonatal (RDF-n) 10RA-014
Rat Embryonic Fibroblasts (REF) 10RA-015
Rat Keratocytes (RK) 10RA-018
Rat Lymphatic Fibroblasts (RLF) 10RA-019
Rat Lung Fibroblasts-neonatal (RLuF-n) 10RA-024
Rat Meningeal Cells (RMC) 10RA-021
Rat Perineurial Fibroblasts (RPNF) 10RA-026
Rat Pulmonary Fibroblasts (RPF) 10RA-028
Rat Lung Fibroblasts-adult (RLuF-a) 10RA-037
Human Dermal Fibroblasts-Type 1 Diabetes (HDF-T1D) 10HU-219
Human Oral Fibroblasts (HOrF) 10HU-221
Human Tracheal Fibroblasts (HTrF) 10HU-223
Human Vas Deferens Fibroblasts (HVDF) 10HU-226
Rat Cortical Neurons (RCN) 10RA-032
Rat Tail-Tip Fibroblasts (RTTF) 10RA-034