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Human Peripheral Blood CD19+ B Cells Total RNA-3ug

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B cells, also known as B lymphocytes, are a subtype of lymphocyte in white blood cells [1]. They play a critical role in the humoral immunity component of the adaptive immune system by secreting antibodies[1]. They also function in immune system as antigen presentation cells and by secretion of cytokines[1].

CD19 (Cluster of Differentiation 19) is an important surface marker for B cells from earliest recognizable B-lineage cells during development to B-cell blasts but is lost on maturation to plasma cells. CD19 primarily acts as a B cell co-receptor in conjunction with CD21 [2] and CD81. Upon activation, the cytoplasmic tail of CD19 becomes phosphorylated, which leads to binding by Src-family kinases and recruitment of PI-3 kinase.

iXCells Biotechnologies offers total RNA isolated from Human CD19+ B Cells (>90% purity). Donors were consenting, healthy adults aged between 20 and 50 years. Donors were negtive for HIVs, HLTVs, HAV, HBV, HCV and syphilis.