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Skin Related Assays


keratinocytes fibroblasts 3D skin constructs
  • Measurement of Keratinocyte Differentiation
  • Measurement of Keratinocyte Inflammation
  • Measurement of Cell-cell Junction Integrity




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  • Measurement of Collagen Production
  • Matrigel Fibroblast Invasion Assay

Reconstructed 3D skin culture can be used as an in vitro model to study and validate the impact and effectiveness of dermatological and cosmetic products on human skin.

  • Tissue Morphology& Health Assay by H&E staining
  • Epidermal Growth, Differentiation and Cell Junction Formation Assay
  • Tissue Inflammation Assay (Cytokine Production)
  • Gene Expression
  • Wound Healing Assay (Wound Closure/Re-epitheliazation)