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Viability and Cytotoxicity Assays

iXCells developed a set of bioassays based on patient-derived iPSCs and a variety of primary cells.  These highly relevant models, which represent in vivo-like state,  are optimized for high-throughput cytotoxicity and viability assays.  Our services can be flexibly tailored to your needs with free consultation.   To order custom toxicity assays, please contact us

Catalog # Service
CSTX-01   Apoptosis Assay
CSTX-02   Autophagy Assay
CSTX-03   Cell Membrane Integrity Assay
CSTX-04   Lysosomal Trapping (Lysosomotropism) Assay
CSTX-05   MTT/MTS Assay
CSTX-20   ATP-base Cell Viability Assay
CSTX-07   LDH Activity Assay
CSTX-08   Protease Biomarkers Detection
CSTX-09   Standard Cell Proliferation Assay
CSTX-10   Kinetic Impedance Measurement