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About Us

Founded in 2014 and based in San Diego, CA, iXCells Biotechnologies is a global research and development organization offering our customers access to high quality primary and iPSC-derived cells, custom iPSC services, functional bioassay development and execution.  Our company focus is to provide patient relevant cells, enabling technologies and services to the academic, biotech and pharma communities to accelerate the pace of drug discovery.  Our team of scientists come from a range of backgrounds across academia, biotech and pharma with extensive experience in primary cell handling, manipulation and functional evaluation.  iXCells Biotechnologies was the first company to develop and commercialize functionally characterized iPSC-derived motor neurons; with a network of collaborators and partners across biotech and pharma we continue to make discoveries and expand our product offerings to maintain our position as a leader in the marketplace.

Product offerings

Primary Cells – we have an on the shelf catalog of over 75 primary cell offerings and the ability to perform custom isolations upon demand.  All cell materials generated come with an in house generated CoA and product information sheet to ensure our customers have all relevant information necessary to advance their research.

iPS Cells and derivatives– we have an on the shelf catalog of iPS cell products and their derivatives including both normal and disease model relevant cells with a strong focus in neurobiology. iXCells Biotechnologies was the first company to offer iPSC-derived motor neurons and have subsequently expanded our portfolio to include neural stems cells (NSCs), cortical neurons, dopaminergic neurons and oligodendrocytes.

Custom iPSC Services – we have a team of scientists dedicated to custom iPSC generation, genome editing and directed differentiation to help our customers to generate their own “Disease-in-Dish” models.  These services provide our customers with disease-relevant, patent-derived models which continue to accelerate the pace of drug discovery and disease understanding.

Custom Assay Services – with access to our extensive library of primary and iPSC derived cell models we can offer customers the ability run target discovery, target validation and functional screening assays.  We have in house the tools to execute plate-based assays up to 384 well format using absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence and high-content imaging based readouts.  For plate-based assays we have a BioTek Synergy HTX reader that supports a range of assay technologies and plate densities up to 384 well format.  We have recently expanded our imaging capabilities with the purchase of a Keyence BZ-X800E fluorescence microscope in addition to an Essen Incucyte and Leica upright fluorescence scope enabling the execution of more complex assays including spheroid and Z-stack analysis.