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About Us

Who Are We:

iXCells Biotechnologies USA, LLC. is a global research and development organization specializing in a variety of patient-derived iPSC and primary cells.  We provide stem cell and primary cell solutions to fit your research applications for drug discovery, toxicity testing, disease modeling, cell therapy and personalized medicine. Our scientists have deep expertise in the stem cell industry and primary cell biology with many years of experience.  We will work closely with your scientists, whether in the academic, pharmaceutical or biotechnology research laboratory setting to customize products to your needs.   iXCells is committed to providing the most affordable, reliable and high quality iPSC and primary cell related products and services with fast turnaround time.

Our Products:

Patient-derived iPS cells are valuable tools for developing therapeutic drugs and disease models. iXCells has a broad range of disease-specific iPS cell panels including neuronal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, haematological diseases and diabetes. 

 iXCells also offers a variety of primary cells, optimized culture media, 3D models and the related services to support your research efforts.  For example, our 3D human skin equivalent construct consists of epidermal and dermal layers, which closely resembles human skin.  It can be used as preliminary stage to study the penetration, resorption, metabolism and epidermal impedance of tested substances and it is widely used in many research areas including epidermal biology and wound healing.

Our Services:

Our iPSC service team consists of the industry’s leading experts, and we are proud to provide feeder-free, footprint-free iPS cells with over 95% success rate. Our iPSC services can be flexibly tailored to your needs by genetic editing, making patient-derived cells or any other collaboration.

Primary cells are ideal sources for cell-based assays because they retain the memory of their tissue of origin and reflect its state of health or disease. Therefore, we also provide a comprehensive range of highly customized cells-based assays and screening services upon human and animal primrary cells from a variety of tissues.

iXCells welcomes the opportunities to fulfilling your special requirements and energizing your discoveries. We look forward to working with you in the future.