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An extensive catalog of human and animal primary cells from healthy and diseased tissues to complement our collection of iPSCs ...>>Read More

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We have a team of scientists dedicated to custom iPSC generation, genome editing and directed differentiation to help our customers to generate...>>Read More

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With an extensive catalog of primary and iPSC-derived cell products in inventory along with a team of skilled scientists, iXCells has the ability to develop and execute complex assays to...>>Read More


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40HU-005Human Motor Neurons (iPSC-derived, Normal)

Human Motor Neurons
(iPSC-derived, Normal)

Spinal motor neurons (MNs) are a highly specialized type of neurons that reside in the ventral horns and project axons to muscles to control their movement...

10HU-210/10HU-210NHuman Hepatic Stellates (Normal and NASH)

Human Hepatic Stellates
(Normal and NASH)

HSCs play vital roles in the homeostasis of liver extracellular matrix, repair, regeneration and fibrosis, and control retinol metabolism, storage and release...

40HU-010Human Cortical GABAergic Neurons (iPSC-derived, Normal)

Human Cortical GABAergic Neurons
(iPSC-derived, Normal)

iPSC-derived CNS neurons available for drug discovery, disease modeling and complex models.  iXCells has CNS neurons derived from both healthy and disease relevant patients...

40HU-176Human Myoblasts(iPSC-derived, Normal)

Human Myoblasts
(iPSC-derived, Normal)

MyoD positive skeletal muscle precursor cells available for disease modeling, co-culture and target discovery.  Can be differentiated into MHC positive myotubes...

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