Preclinical In Vitro Assay Services

Taking advantage of our extensive catalog and experience working with both primary and iPSC-derived cells, iXCells Biotechnologies is able to provide our customers with extensive assay services, including assay development and validation.  Customers can choose from a range of validated assays for cell health, immune cell function, liver biology, toxicology, neurobiology and more.  Bring us your drug discovery needs and allow us to generate actionable data for you.

Our Assay Service Capabilities

Cell proliferation and viability assays
  • CellTiter-Glo
  • MTT assay
  • BrdU incorportion assay
  • IncuCyte
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Drug combination assay                     
  • Immune cell (PBMC, T cells, Neutrophil) killing assays
  • Treg/CD4 T cell suppression assay
  • MDSC/CD8 T cell suppression assay
  • Cytokine profiling
  • Lymphocyte proliferation assay
  • BiTE® T cell-dependent cellular cytotoxicity
  • Phagocytosis assay
  • Antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis (ADCP) assay
Functional assays
  • Cell migration and invasion assay 
  • Apoptosis assay 
  • NADPH oxidase activity assay 
  • Glucose update assay 
  • FLIPR assay 
  • ELISA/MSD assay 
  • Western Blot 
  • In Vitro NASH Hepatic stellate cell assay 
  • Neuronal co-culture assay
Toxicity assays
  • LDH release assay 
  • Caspase-Glo® 3/7 Assay (with 3T3 cells) 
  • TDCC assay  
  • High-content screening of neuronal toxicity assay 
  • Ethanol-induced Mitochondrial toxicity assay 
  • Immunol cell-dependent cellular cytotoxicity 
  • Primary and iPSC derived cortical neuron toxicity assay



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