Human Glomerular Microvascular Endothelial Cells (HGMEC)

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Cryopreserved, 0.5 million cells/vial

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Human Glomerular Microvascular Endothelial Cells (HGMEC) are highly specialized cells with fenestrae and a charged luminal glycocalyx layer, which contribute to the filtration barrier [1,2]. They have a unique constellation of structural features (including absence of diaphragm but retention of a basal lamina), and perform a vital physiological function in allowing filtration of the blood in the glomerulus [3,4]. The study of human HGMEC can enable complete understanding of glomerular filtration, glomerular disease, response to glomerular injury, and the potential for therapeutic manipulations in these contexts.

iXCells Biotechnologies provides high quality HGMEC, which are isolated from human kidneys and cryopreserved at P0 after purification, with ≥ 0.5 million cells in each vial. HGMEC are characterized by immunofluorescence with antibodies specific to vWF/Factor VIII and CD31 (PECAM), and by the formation of microtubular structures in vitro. They are negative for HIV-1, HBV, HCV, mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. HGMEC can proliferate in Endothelial Cell Growth Medium (Cat# MD-0010), but they are not recommended for further expansion, because the purity of the endothelial population may decrease.    

human glomerular microvascular endothelial cells

Figure 1. Human Glomerular Microvascular Endothelial Cells (HGMEC). (A) Phase contrast image of HGMEC. (B & C) Immunofluorescence staining with antibodies against VE-Cadherin (B) and vWF/Factor VIII (C).

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  Human kidney glomeruli, Normal

  Package Size

  0.5 million cells/vial  

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  Liquid nitrogen

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  Endothelial Cell Growth Medium (Cat# MD-0010)



[1] Ilse Sofia Daehn (2018) Glomerular Endothelial Cell Stress and Cross-Talk With Podocytes in Early Diabetic Kidney Disease. Front Med (Lausanne), 5: 76. 

[2] Kester, M., Nowinski, R. J., Holthofer, H., Marsden, P. A. and Dunn, M. J. (1994) Characterization of platelet-activating factor synthesis in glomerular endothelial cell lines. Kidney Int 46(5):1404-12.

[3] Lee, L. K., Meyer, T. W., Pollock, A. S. and Lovett, D. H. (1995) Endothelial cell injury initiates glomerular sclerosis in the rat remnant kidney. J Clin Invest 96(2):953-64.

[4] Simon C. Satchell and Filip Braet. (2009) Glomerular endothelial cell fenestrations: an integral component of the glomerular filtration barrier. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 296(5): F947–F956


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Cell System Renal Cell System
Cell System Vascular Cell System
Cell Type Endothelial Cells
Species Human (Normal)



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