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Working on ADME-Tox models? Replicate hepaftic unction and enhance the efficiency of drug metabolism, toxicology, and pharmacology studies.

iXCells has a large cryopreserved inventory of single donor high-quality Cryoplatable Primary Human Hepatocytes developed to optimize ADMET and pharmacology studies.

Each lot is pre-screened and characterized for grade, plate-ability, confluency, culture duration, Cytochrome P450 inducibility, post thaw viability and yield.

  •  Maximized viability, confluence, and longevity (>90% viability, >85% confluency and 7 days of culture duration)
  • Human Donor profile and QC data available 
  • Large batch sizes
  • Single donor inventory immediately available
  • Recommended Reagents Kit available
  • Fast shipping—both domestically and internationally

Have specific needs? Plated freshly isolated Hepatocytes and custom cell isolation services are available upon request.

  • Nationwide delivery of plated freshly isolated Hepatocytes ( Same-day delivery San Diego County)

  • Customized isolation of human Hepatocytes (inquiry).
  • Assay based on freshly isolated Hepatocytes.
  • Assay based on pooled Hepatocytes.

Patient-derived iPSCs

iXCells Biotechnologies offers a diverse collection of normal human iPS cell lines (Cat# 30HU-002) along with human iPSC lines derived from individuals diagnosed with various diseases including Parkinson's Disease (PD) (Cat# 30HU-003), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) (Cat# 30HU-004), and Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) (Cat# 30HU-005). More disease-associated human iPS cell lines are under development. We also provide custom iPSC generation, gene editing and iPSC direct differentiation services to meet your needs.



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