Mouse Cardiac Fibroblasts (MCF)

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Cryopreserved, 0.5 million cells/vial

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The cardiac fibroblasts (CF) are the principal cell type of the heart. They provide structural support for cardiac myocytes, are a source of paracrine growth factors, and are an important cellular component of myocardial responses to injury. CF are responsible for extracellular matrix synthesis in the heart during development and pathological conditions. Their proliferation and matrix synthesis is essential for scar formation at sites of myocardial infarction [1], cardiac fibrosis, and is often complicated by cardiac hypertrophy [2]. CF also respond to changes in microenvironments in pathological conditions by modulating integrin expression [3]. CF culture has been widely used as a model to study the cardiac matrix remodeling by physiological (exercise) and pathological (hypertension) stressors. 

iXCells Biotechnologies provides high quality Mouse cardiac fibroblasts (MCF), which are isolated from postnatal day 2 mouse heart and cryopreserved at P0, with >0.5 million cells in each vial. MCF express fibronectin and are negative for HIV-1, HBV, HCV, mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. They can further expand for 5 population doublings in Fibroblast Growth Medium (Cat# MD-0011) under the condition suggested by iXCells Biotechnologies. 

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  Day 2 mouse heart (strain C57BL/6 or CD1) 

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  0.5 million cells/vial  

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  Liquid nitrogen

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  Fibroblast Growth Medium (Cat# MD-0011)


[1] Sabri A, Short J, Guo J, Steinberg SF. (2002) “Protease-activated receptor-1-mediated DNA synthesis in cardiac fibroblast is via epidermal growth factor receptor transactivation: distinct PAR-1 signaling pathways in cardiac fibroblasts and cardiomyocytes.” Circ Res. 91: 532-9. 
[2] Akiyama-Uchida Y, Ashizawa N, Ohtsuru A, Seto S, Tsukazaki T, Kikuchi H, Yamashita S, Yano K. (2002) “Norepinephrine enhances fibrosis mediated by TGF-beta in cardiac fibroblasts.” Hypertension. 40: 148-54. 
[3] Burgess ML, Terracio L, Hirozane T, Borg TK. (2002) “Differential integrin expression by cardiac fibroblasts from hypertensive and exercise-trained rat hearts.” Cardiovasc Pathol. 11: 78-87.

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  • Dulce, R. A., Kanashiro-Takeuchi, R. M., Takeuchi, L. M., Salerno, A. G., Wanschel, A. C., Kulandavelu, S., Balkan, W., Zuttion, M. S., Cai, R., Schally, A. V., & Hare, J. M. (2022). Synthetic growth hormone-releasing hormone agonist ameliorates the myocardial pathophysiology characteristic of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Cardiovascular Research. -- Learn More

Cell Type Fibroblasts
Species Mouse



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