Mouse Hepatocytes

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Proliferating, 12 well (sub-confluent)
Proliferating, 6 well (sub-confluent)
Proliferating, T-75 Flask (sub-confluent)
Proliferating, T-25 Flask (sub-confluent)


The liver is a vital organ in mammals, and hepatocytes, the major cell type in liver, play critical roles in protein synthesis, detoxification of various metabolites, transformation of carbohydrates, and the production of biochemical necessary for digestion.  Primary hepatocyte culture is an important model to study drug liver toxicity for preclinical drug development and safety testing. Due to limited availability and high cost of primary human hepatocytes, primary mouse hepatocytes become an alternative and more affordable tool for the study of liver specific function. iXCells Biotechnologies offers fresh plated mouse hepatocytes isolated from mouse liver, and cells are shipped one day after plating. 

Product Details

  Tissue   Mouse liver 
  Package Size   Available only as plated sub-confluent culture in12-well plate, 6-well plate, T25, and T75 format 
  Passage Number   P0
  Shipped   Fresh
  Storage   Put into incubator immediately upon delivery
  Growth Properties   Adherent
  Media   Hepatocyte Growth Medium (Cat# MD-0013)


Cell Type Hepatocytes
Species Mouse