With a network of collaborators and partners across academia, biotech and pharma we continue to make discoveries and expand our product offerings to maintain our position as a leader in the marketplace. We are continuously exploring ways to advance the field and get research closer to the ultimate goal of translation to patients including new and better ways to leverage the potential of human iPSC technology, build cell models that allow us to ask better questions in vitro and exploring the possibility of “curing” disease.

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Custom Differentiation

The promise of iPSC technology is that you can take cells and rapidly convert them into any cell in the human body.  iXCells, along with a talented team of collaborators and customers, are working to make this promise a reality.  Challenge us with your cell model.

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Complex Cell Models

Current screening and drug discovery paradigms have historically focused on immortalized cell lines in a dish; these models often were chosen for logistical as opposed to biological reasons.  Bringing human primary and iPSC-derived cells to the biotech/pharma community we are able to get closer to the patient and better approximate the disease being studied. Whether it is a mixed cell system, 3-D organoid or a patient-derived cell model, iXCells is exploring the possibilities of using fully human patient relevant materials to rapidly advance the field of drug discovery.

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Clinical Applications

We are exploring the clinical applications of our featured product- hiPSC-derived motor neurons as regenerative medicine for NMJ diseases. In collaboration with UCSD Neural Repair Center and Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, promising in vivo data was obtained and the IND-enabling study for our FDA application is ongoing.