Custom Primary Cell Isolation

Primary cells are isolated directly from fresh tissue without modifications. Primary cells retain many important physiological properties of the origin tissue system and mimic the in vivo conditions closely, and they differ from immortalized cell lines by limited population doubling. Therefore, primary cells are ideal cell models for a variety of researches, including cell biology/physiology, disease mechanisms, drug screening and therapeutic development.


iXCells Biotechnologies provides comprehensive primary cell isolation services
 from animal and human tissues for research only.

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Primary Cell Isolation from Mouse, Rat and Human Tissues for your research



Primary Cell & Tissue Total RNA

iXCells provides Total RNA prepared from early passage normal primary cells and tissues using a commercially available kit, with non-biased recovery of mRNA, tRNA and small RNAs (17-200 nt). iXCells Total RNA contains no detectable gDNA contamination. The purity and integrity was tested using NanoDrop spectrophotometer and a denaturing agarose gel. Total RNA from iXCells provides a convenient and cost effective tool for researchers for a variety of molecular biology applications.


Quantitative RT-PCR

cDNA synthesis

RNA protection assay

Northern blot

mRNA library construction

PCR-select cDNA subtraction



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